Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dear Me #3

- How do I not screw up when things are getting better?-

Dear ME,

Do you remember the feeling when your down and out? When thing was never looking up to you? When you we're penniless, jobless and hopeless. On those moment on, you could have heard promising yourself that you won't screw up again, that given the chance, you'll be a better person and you will be on top again. I know deep inside you promise that to yourself, that you would fly so high that gravity won't touch you, that you'll be the best that you could be. Remember that feeling, remember that lost, sadness, and that desperation to become better and be freed from that situation.

If you fell rock bottom, you've felt that, and it would be engraved on to your heart and soul. Its something you can't forget. Not only because its painful, but its frightening. Looking at the void of despair and hopelessness is something you'd do anything to fight off.

I hope that helps,

Sincerely Yours,

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