Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dear Me #2

-How do you face the uncertainties? The problems that seems so daunting, is there really hope in this struggle?-

Dear ME,

You face it by using your inner strength, something that you have inside you. It could be a person, a conviction, a resolve. Problems, especially when faced with the most basic of all, which is necessity is somewhat very daunting, its somewhat difficult, because its hard to actually think about the higher needs of a person when he's stomach is growling, if he's mind is wandering and wondering about the bills, the debts, the payments that are needed. Its hard, it is difficult, but it is not impossible. Many have passed through it, and though they make it look easy, but many blood, tears and sweat has been poured to make them go through it. Be strong. We are built not to survive but to prevail adversities.

Yours truly,

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dear Me #1

-This is my first post, help!-

Dear Me,

This is your first blog. I know it is a big step, but everything starts with small. What they don't say is that small step entails a lot of courage and will power to do. As for my first reply on to you. I want to say that you can push through anything, any challenges just by starting to see it through, just by starting, just in itself start.

I know you have many questions and I will answer them every way that I can. Just start posting

Yours Sincerely,